There continues to be flooding at the junction of Moor Lane/Far Lane/Main Street which the Parish Council are continuing to try and resolve. Multi agency meetings have taken place to discuss the floods.  If the road floods the Environment Agency will come out to either start the existing pumps and to bring out a third pump to pump the access water away. If you see the highway flooded please ring 0800 807060.

NCC statement re: Flooding in Normanton on Soar - May 2018

Nottinghamshire County Council are committed to continue working with the Environment Agency and Seven Trent Water to look at in detail the flooding issues in Normanton on Soar. Following our joint meeting on the 18th April all three parties agreed to carry out a feasibility study to test the potential effectiveness of several proposed solutions. Seven Trent Water have been on site to cleanse the public sewer and survey its condition, this work is ongoing. The work to carry out a feasibility study is ongoing and we will update residents and the Parish Council once that work is concluded.