The company was established in 1983 by the present principal, Peter Morton Tyers. Peter is a Chartered Building Surveyor, Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has over 40 years experience in this field.

Surveys: As well as investigations into specific building defects such as structural instability, cracking, dampness, timber & drainage defects etc. we also carry out general inspections & reports on the condition of buildings for prospective buyers and for repair & maintenance.

Architectural Design: This work covers both new buildings and alterations to existing buildings. Our skill is in providing interesting & sometimes ingenious solutions to design problems. We design with both traditional and modern materials and are adept in the layout of stairs & the configuration of roof structures with both well established on-site and modern pre-fabricated techniques.

All design work is carried out or closely supervised by Peter Tyers who is passionate about buildings and their structure

Building Conservation:

Our understanding of the local building techniques of many areas and periods together with our in depth under-standing of vernacular design enables us to sensitively administer to the needs of historic buildings, both those with graded listings and those of perhaps a lesser historical importance where the owners are nevertheless aware of the need to sympathetically maintain alter or even perhaps extend. Structure investigations to assess the existing construction form an important part of this work.

 Boundary Dispute Resolution: Party Wall Awards:

Boundary disputes are unfortunately a fact of life which has been around since man claimed territory. Written records going back to medieval times show this is not just a modern phenomenon. As jointly appointed experts or independently appointed advisors we carefully analyse the issues involved seeking to resolve such problems and defuse contentious issues.

Party Wall etc Act. 1996

Works to party walls, and other specified works including excavations within 3 & 6 metres of an adjacent building can be undertaken by "building owners" with certain provisos. The object of this Act is to give a framework within which these works can be carried out, and at the same time provide safeguards to protect the rights of "adjoining owners" and their property. We carry out all aspects of this work from initial advice to building owners, wishing to carry out building works, to advice to adjoining owners concerned about works proposed.


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