Placing Small Adverts on Normanton on Soar Village Website.

Terms and Conditions

Items for sale (“adverts”) may be placed on the Normanton on Soar Village Website (Website), subject to the discretion of the Normanton on Soar Parish Council (NOSPC)

All “adverts” are placed for limited duration, and may be removed (without notice) at any time by NOSPC, but will normally be removed after one calendar month of display, if not previously requested by the advertiser.

“Adverts” are the sole responsibility of the person who places them. NOSPC will not be responsible for any claims or statements made. Therefore the advertiser must agree to indemnify and hold the NOSPC harmless from all costs, expenses, liabilities and damages resulting from, or caused by, the placing of the above mentioned “advert”.

Persons placing “adverts” should be local to Normanton on Soar, or immediate area, as deemed by NOSPC, because this is a local service for local people.

Persons procuring items from these “adverts” must satisfy themselves directly with the seller as to the validity of the claims made. It is a case of buyer beware and NOSPC imply nothing by publishing the “advert”.

“Adverts” will not be published, under Small Ads, if they are deemed by NOSPC to be for Business or Commercial gain.

Persons wishing to place “adverts” must provide copy by email to an email address provided by NOSPC. “Adverts” may include one picture of the item for sale.