St. James Church - Other needs in the Parish context

The church is close to The Plough pub and to the Village Hall. There are five meeting places (The Plough, Boating Club, School, Village Hall and the Church) in a village of 480 souls, none of which meet all the needs. A proposal for discussion is that some way be found of working together to combine the facilities for the benefit of the whole village.


The Cluster of Churches in our area employs a Youth Leader, who looks after the needs of our own young people as well as those in other local villages.


Some concern still exists over traffic levels in Main Street and the need for some form of traffic calming – not bumps – and the control of large vehicles. The PCC acknowledges that parking on the road outside St James Church can sometimes be a problem, when there are either concerts taking place or the more popular services. On occasions, disabled people have had to park a distance from the Church. We have not received any encouragement from the County Council for designated Disabled Parking outside the Church, and this may be worth pursuing.  The committee of the Village Hall (which is opposite the Church) has kindly agreed that the Church can use the Hall's carpark for larger events.